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How do I get into the UEFI BIOS?

Restart the system and press Esc or Del on the keyboard repeatedly (i.e. 2 or 3 times a second) when the PC turns off and starts booting up again.

How do I access the UEFI Boot Menu?

Restart the system and press F7 to get into the Boot Menu.

Note - because the system is UEFI the USB or DVD must be UEFI bootable for it to show up in the list

What Operating Systems are Supported?

Technically we only support Windows 10 on these devices. However, we do not restrict this, so you're welcome to change the OS yourself.

We have limited experience with Linux based operating systems, so we are unable to provide technical assistance with any Linux based issue. However, we have done the following testing:

Working: ubuntu-18.04.1-desktop-amd64; elementaryos-5.0-stable.20181016; linuxmint-19.1-cinnamon-64bit; Zorin-OS-12.4-Core-64

Not Working: All 32-bit Linux Versions we tested

Our definition of 'working' is that it boots from a USB and installs and appears to function, i.e. loading a web page and a few basic pre-installed apps. We do not test stability or even 'full' functionality, like audio, bluetooth or wifi.

What drivers are required?

As of our testing of Windows v1803 (same applies to v1809):

Technically none are 'required' for functionality in Windows 10. The system should work on a 'clean' install of Windows 10 once all Windows Updates are completed.

Any driver 'warnings' in Device Manager are just 'labels' that are missing from the devices and it will not negatively affect the functionality of the system at all.

At the point of writing, the only one missing is one of Intel's Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework component's labels which can be downloaded here.

Can I PXE Boot the Device? Also known as Network Stack or LAN Remote Boot

Yes you can UEFI PXE or HTTP boot (i.e. Network Stack is available in the UEFI BIOS with both IPv4 and IPv6 support)

This has only been tested with WinPE and WDS but other PXE options should work just the same. A 64-bit UEFI boot image is required.

Is Secure Boot Enabled?

This will be Enabled out of the factory but there is the option to Disable Secure Boot in the UEFI BIOS, though this is not recommended under normal circumstances.

Will the system switch back on automatically after a power loss event?

v1 - No. This model doesn't have this functionality.

v2 - Yes. This is always Enabled and cannot be turned off on this model. [Same for WAP Lite & WAP Pro 64 models]

Can I use WoL (Wake on LAN)?

Yes, this is an option in the UEFI BIOS, however we have not validated the functionality.

Can I upgrade the hardware?

Yes, you can add in the 2.5" Drive for data storage but otherwise the hardware is fixed and not upgradable.

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